Close Call

I’ve had great success as we’ve added two miniature horses (we sold a foal), two miniature donkeys, two miniature fainting goats, twelve chickens, four ducks (although we now have 2 females only after having given away two males) to our Mini S Ranch.  It’s really become a fun little petting zoo many people enjoy. I love teaching kids about the different animals.

The most recent purchase (which finishes up the plan for animal purchases), was for two female Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  I love my fainting goats, but I decided to change it up with a different kind this go-round.  Hannah and Haley came  home a week and a half ago.  When I saw Haley, I asked if she was weaned.  They assured me she was.  She hadn’t grown at all since the month before when we saw her!

Even though they spent the night in the barn, in a large crate with an insulated blanket that was full of fresh straw, and wearing sweaters, Haley being so small became hypothermic.  My heart dropped when I saw her.  Thanks to a friend who raises the miniature fainting goats (where I got Hank and Houston), she gave great advice on what to do to try and save her.  My husband and I scrambled all day to do what was needed to bring her around.  I was not very optimistic looking at her.  By the grace of God however, she pulled through.  I took her to the vet as a follow up last Monday.  They gave her a shot to help improve her immune system.  She now gets milk replacer three times a day in addition to fresh water and free fed hay.  I tried the bottle but she gets too much air in her tummy.  The little push dispenser works great for her.

Haley was the runt of the litter.  Even now she is so tiny although she’s doing better. She also had an eye infection which I was able to treat with over the counter ointment that was vet approved.  She’s such a little affection cutie that wants held.  Hannah is doing great and has very healthy lungs!

I love my Mini S life!

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