Scratch and Itch

Legacy head onSpring is here and with it comes the itching and scratching of the horses.  My little minis are ready to be scraped clean of the thick heavy coat that protected them all winter.  My chicken run is alongside the barnyard for the horses and donkeys.  Last night as I walked to the house from putting them away from the pasture, I heard something.  I look back and see Legacy literally leaning against the chicken run and walking along to scratch his itches.  I have Scratch-n-alls at the stalls, which they use frequently already – and I highly recommend.  So I walked back and grabbed the brushes and blocks.  I was removing layers of hair from him and he stood absolutely still for a while, enjoying the feeling of my attention and the removal of hair.  After a while though he stomped his foot, letting me know he’s had enough for now.  I think I removed a quarter of the hair he had.  I get as much enjoyment out of grooming them as they do, I’m sure.  It gives me a content feeling that makes me truly happy. I’ll be brushing him down for a while now to remove the old hair, each time giving him a sense of relief as the warmer temperatures move in.  I’ll work on America as well.


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