Paying it Forward

Visitor Emery

When my husband and I made the decision to buy a home on property, it was so we could each pursue our dream.  We both wanted a home on property.  He wanted a shop he could work on his car in, weld, other projects, or whatever he wanted to in it.  Me, I wanted the animals.  We now have Mini S Ranch complete with horses, donkeys, and goats (all miniatures) plus chickens and ducks.

We get people who will see our place with the animals out in the pasture and stop to watch them for a bit.  Others will walk down our long driveway and ask if they can take pictures.  We’ve had friends and neighbors stop in to bring their kids.  It makes me very heart happy seeing a kid smile while they’re petting a goat or feeding a donkey and enjoying themselves.

Last night we had a neighbor from down the road bring her visiting daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter Emery down.  Emery wanted to see the animals.  I gave her some chicken feed to give the chickens and ducks and she got to pet one of the chickens.  She helped give treats to the horses and donkeys with the help of her mom.  Legacy, the mini Appaloosa let her pet him.  Emery got to pet the goats and give them treats too.  Afterwards, I gave her a sticker that says Mini S Ranch on it along with a little rubber duck, and a small set of crayons with a Chicken Life Cycle coloring book.

It’s paying it forward in cases like this that makes my heart very happy.  It’s truly living the dream.

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