The Start of More than a Garden

Garden fence and gateLast year when we moved to our property, we started right off the bat, in December, working on the outside.  The fence was old and splitting, and definitely had no style or stability to keep in our miniature horses, donkeys, goats, plus the chickens and ducks.  We got the east side done where the barn is first so the animals were set.  Over the summer we got the west side perimeter of our property done all the way around.  (I have a lot of staining to do this spring!)  I take the horses and donkeys to the west side to graze to offset the east side grazing.  The orchard we planted is fully fenced.  Now, we also have the garden area fenced in.  Because of the winds, and wanting to put in quality soil, we’ll build several 4×8 planter boxes.  A small garden shed will set in on one side to house all the garden tools, planting supplies, etc..  I bought solar accent lights in January to put around to add some ambiance to it.  (I may like the homestead aspect but I love adding modern decorative touches!) Gravel will finish it off so there’s no mud to walk through after a rain when it’s best to weed.  I have it all visualized in my mind.  I’ll keep you all posted on progress.


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