Stay at Home Weekend

Wood stove burningThe weather was cold and snowy.  I had my list of things I wanted to accomplish.  Taking half a day off on Friday, I jumped right in by frost seeding the top section of the east pasture.  Hopefully that gets worked in well and come spring the sun and rain will bring out beautiful new pasture grass which the mini horses and mini donkeys will enjoy.

The wood stove got started first thing in the morning and stayed going until bedtime.  We have a regular heat source, but the wood stove saves money and is very comfortable to watch.

Over the weekend I got some detailed cleaning done along with the basic daily cleaning.  I baked some Amish sugar cookies.  I love those because they have a sweetness to them without being too much so.  They are amazing with my morning and afternoon tea!

Having so many duck eggs, I decided to put 16 of them to use and made several packages of egg noodles then packaged those up for the freezer.  That always makes me feel good to have stuff put up that I’ve made myself.  (You can imagine how I feel during harvest season!)

Someone at work gave me a chicken calendar from last year.  Most people would look at it, laugh at it, and throw it away.  Me?  I take each month’s picture and staple it to the inside of the chicken coop for some décor in there!  Chicken coop decor

Spring gets closer every day and I’m chomping at the bit to get here.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying the fact that evening chores are not done in the dark now since it stays lighter a little later and allows chores to be done after work while there’s still some light left.  It’s getting there!