My Head is in the Flowers

About this time each year, my mind starts to think about spring flowers and planting.  When we moved to our property last year, so much of what we did was upgrades and improvements that were needed to the tired place.  Now it looks so much more vibrant and needs pops of color!  This year, I get to concentrate on the “pretty” part of it all.  I have that vision in my head of what will look good.  When I close  my eyes and think about it, I can almost smell the flowers now.  I have a little fairy garden my sister gave me a few years ago with a bird bath, white picket fence, etc.  I didn’t know where to put it at the other house.  Even though I’m not big into the fairy garden idea, a little area dedicated to it will be charming as you stroll through what eventually will be the garden walk.

I am so at peace at home.  This will put it over the top!  Not everyone finds their dream home in a log home on 3 acres.  I have.

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