Yes, It’s a Special Place

WoodpeckerYesterday while outside enjoying a beautiful Colorado fall day, a beautiful little bird flew to the fence and was as happy with the weather as I was.  Now, unless I’m mistaken, this pretty little bird is a woodpecker.  As long as this woodpecker does his thing in one of our trees or even on a fence post, that’s fine.  But we have a long home.  He and I will be having words if I hear the pecking on the house!

We had several kids over yesterday to enjoy the animals we have on the ranch.  It’s a great feeling being able to share what we’ve created with others after all the hard work we’ve put into it.  I am blessed and thank God for it every night.  For others to experience what we have every day, even if only for a couple hours, makes it all worth it.  When we see the faces of children running around having a great time gathering eggs, chasing and petting chickens, petting the goats and donkeys, walking the horses, etc., that when we know that yes, it is a special place.

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