Mini Donkeys Come Home

Ella and Emma first day homeAfter months of waiting, even before they were actually born, my two miniature donkeys are home.  An hour and a half drive up to just before the area goes off grid, sits a chunk of property where the owners raise them.  Ella and Emma’s previous home was mountainous terrain with a barn that isn’t set up for laying down in.  Fast forward to their now flat pasture home with a barnyard and their own stall to go in and out of as they want, which is covered in shavings for their comfort.  Oh how I love them!  Honestly, had I gotten them before the miniature horses, I may have thought twice about getting the horses at all.  Ella and Emma are calm and laid back, easy to train, adorable, and smart.

Donkeys and Horses east pasture

It took a bit for them to get used to the horses and vice-versa.  In the pasture everything is fine.  In the barnyard with the stalls though, the horses, more like one horse, didn’t like having to share one stall with them.  So unexpectedly, my husband and I had to separate the barnyard to give both the horses and donkeys their own yard and stalls.  Everything worked out great and it’s a happy place.  It’s also a very special place.

Donkeys and America west pastureHome from west pasture


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