Hello Fall!

It’s been a spell since I’ve had a chance to update you all.  I got rid of my two male ducks who were very aggressive towards the females.  They were both stressed out and one had even been hurt when the two males ganged up on her, pulled her top hair out (she is crested) and temporarily hurt her eye.  Luckily she recovered.  Once I got rid of them, the females have done well.  I’m now getting eggs from one of them and even made pasta noodles to put up for winter with them.

We pick up the two female donkeys on Saturday.  I’ve been anxious to get them.  Now that it’s so close I am very excited and ready to bring them home.  Then the miniature petting zoo will be complete.  For now. Ha!

The colors haven’t changed too much here yet but the smell of fall is in the air and so is the moisture.  I don’t mind the rain though.  Our spring planted orchard loves these long drinks of water before the ground goes dormant for the winter.

Our big projects are pretty much done outside and neither of us are complaining about that.  It’s been a crazy busy summer but looking around there’s a lot to show for it.  Next year we’ll undoubtedly have projects.  Hopefully not to the extent of this year.

More to come and be seen when Ella and Emma find their way home to us!

Ella and Emma 8-6-17

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