A Pause then Progress

Being so busy every day, it can be easy to forget why we do what we do.  I love my animals.  I waited a long time to get to this point in my life to have them.  Not a day goes by I don’t appreciate what God has blessed me with.  Sometimes, you just have to sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Sitting with Hank and Houston makes me content.  They are so affectionate and cute.  I almost forget they’re goats sometimes because they act a lot like puppies.  Then I hug their necks and their horns remind me they are indeed goats.  I love it when they come running when they see me or when they start bleating because they see or hear me.  In fact, when I walk out to the barnyard, the volume increases with the sounds of the horses, goats, chickens, and ducks all letting me know they are there.

Me and goats 8-14-17

Ed and I with the help of my brother in law and son put in a new fence on the east side in January so I could start looking for my mini horses.  Now Ed and I have started the process of working our way around the west pasture with the same fence style.  We got done about 200 feet and have about another 1000 feet to go.  This will allow all the mini horses (Legacy, America, and Jaxx) and mini donkeys (Ella and Emma) to run around and not be able to get out.  It will also allow our German Shorthair Pointers (Abby and Hoss) opportunity to get out of the backyard and get some good run time in.  The process will take a bit but we’ll get it done.  That and the rock project on the other side of the fence – hopefully all to be done before winter sets in.

Fence on west pasture 8-17

Our east pasture backs up to the neighbor’s property.  They have two full-size horses.  They like to stand near each other and will run along the fence line together.  Jaxx and Legacy like to.  America can’t be bothered.  But look at Jaxx next to the neighbor’s horse.  Similar coloring!

Jaxx with neighbor horse

We’ve had some pretty hard rain the last couple days making work outside after work impossible.  It’s probably a good thing.  We’re not getting any younger and Sunday’s full day of fence building made us fully aware of that fact on Monday morning.  Still, the pay off is worth it and we do pace ourselves and take breaks.  Many times we’re at it when we first get started on a project, but eventually find a rhythm and gain momentum in progress.  It always works out in the end.  It takes both of us to get it all done, although Ed does a lot during the day.  That suits us both fine.

Ella and Emma

Yesterday we made the hour and a half drive up to Livermore where our little miniature donkeys were born and growing.  So cute!  Ella was born in May and is the darker one.  She was imprinted for about a week so she is very shy and for the time being, stand-offish.  Emma on the other hand, they were quicker to imprint and she loves to get her attention and follow me around.

Ella and Emma 8-6-17

It was raining the entire time we were up there and was chilly out, especially being August!  It didn’t keep me away from them though.  I’m sure once we get them both home (some time in October), and they both get the outpouring of affection I give to all my animals, Ella (the darker one) will be a little cuddler too.

Ella and me 8-6-17

Saturday on the other hand had much better weather.  That allowed for the trench that used to have open water from the sump pumps, be piped and covered.  Now the water flows from the house into the pipes underground and out into the ditch on the far side of our pasture.  No more open trench!  Not only did it look terrible, but it kept a lot of mosquitos around and split our pasture in two.  My two sons, Matt and Chris, came over and helped by running the mini excavator and the tractor.  It was nice for them to do a lot of the manual labor.  Ed and I helped, but they did most of it for us.

Matt Chris on tractorsOnce the grass grows over it, the pasture will be one big pasture again. That will make mowing a lot nicer!