Beatin’ the Heat

Hank with IceWe had a stint of weather where it was consistently in the high 90’s.  For us, we can escape to cool air conditioned offices, vehicles, or homes.  For the animals, not so the case.  But never fear, there are ways to beat the heat.  First of all, make sure there is a shaded area they can go to and escape the intensity of the sun.  Second, as a nice treat, make ice blocks and add to the water.  You can see with Hank he wasn’t going to let it go to waste.  Even as the ice melts it cools the water in the water basin.  I do the same with the horses, although they don’t lick the ice.  They just lick very closely around it.

One thing we have around our property are several toads.  Great for eating bugs I suppose.  If they were frogs, we’d have plenty to get a good meal of frog legs from!  A couple of them hang around the spigot near the barn.  When I add water to the chicken water container and duck tubs, there’s always over spray which the toads love.  Sometimes I’ll even give them a light direct shower when it’s super hot.  I’ve become the crazy farm lady for sure if I’m now spoiling toads, don’t you think?  I may need therapy.  Not!


Night check consists of getting the chickens and ducks into the coop for the night and putting the goats in the barn where they get a little bedtime snack.  The horses are already in the barnyard by then and can go in and out of their stalls as they choose.  What that also means is the horses get their treats too.  They get so close to me as I give them to them (they each get 3 treats), it makes me laugh.  Little America gets the closest.

America close up

We are fortunate to have animals with great personalities.  Not a day goes by that I am not completely content when I’m out there.  The end of October will be when our baby mini donkeys come home.  Then the plan will be complete.

As a side note as I look at America’s picture, it reminds me I need to work to thin out her forelock.  She could also use a little V05 to help tame it (a tip I got from a groomer who sometimes uses that for show horses).



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