Summer Happenin’s

No matter whether it’s the barn, the stalls, the coop, I have a deep feeling of contentment and happiness.  Even the not-so-fun chores of mucking stalls or cleaning the coop aren’t so bad when you live the dream you never thought would happen.

Me near stall

The chickens are laying eggs now in full production.  The ones that started first are laying very large eggs while others are still in the pullet stage.  I get anywhere from 10-12 eggs a day from the twelve chickens (8 Leghorns and 4 Rhode Island Reds).  Time to start selling some!  I walked in one morning to see one of the smaller Leghorns leaning tight up against the nesting box looking at me in shock, frozen and not moving.  She had laid her first egg and apparently the poor gal was overwhelmed by it.  I spoke to her in a soft tone and she just stared at me not moving.  Eventually she did come out of her nest.  I didn’t attempt to take the egg or touch her during that time.  Poor little gal.  They let me hold them now and my husband laughs that they’re so spoiled they can’t walk to the chicken coop without being carried.  It’s true.  They are spoiled.  I’m not sorry.

Chicken laid first egg

We have four ducks as well – Chuck and Hermie are all white.  Daphne is black and white.  Aster is black and white too but she’s a crested duck so she has a nice little up do on the top of her head.  She’s also the loudest and chattiest by far.  When Chuck was little, he had seizures and would be upside down kicking his legs up.  I would pick him up and hold his neck up until he could regain strength again.  Luckily he outgrew that but the results from that caused him to quack as if he has laryngitis.  He was also not a fan of getting into water.  He didn’t mind sticking his head in but that was it.  There’s a kiddie pool in the pasture the ducks can swim in and Chuck wants nothing to do with it.  There is also a tub-type pool the others would all get in and splash around to have fun.  Not Chuck.  He put his head in and that’s it.  I decided to get a second one since there are four ducks.  Apparently that was the magic answer.  Having the second one for whatever reason, gave Chuck the incentive to get in.  Now he gets in and just sits there, unwilling to share with the others.  I guess he figures the other three can share the second tub when he’s in.  He is so much happier now and chatters along with the rest of them, in a more quiet tone of course.

Chuck finally in the water

Hank and Houston, the mini fainting goats, love to eat.  Maybe I should say live to eat.  They play too of course but eating is their priority.  When they are eating hay from the feeder, I call them happy butts.  Now they could eat from the lower end, but they prefer to reach to the top.  That’s ok.  Happy butts are happy butts.

Hank Houston eating

Lots going on around the ranch and though the days are long, they’re also hot.  I keep cool water in the troughs and areas for shade are available helping to beat the heat.  Time to start thinking about how to keep the water freezing during the cold months without electricity close by.  Snow will be flying before we know it.




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