Ranchin’ Around

Chores happen before and after work during the week with the bigger needs happening on weekends.  Over the weekend while doing some barnyard chores, Jaxx thought he’d help me out.  Actually, he made it take longer and I had to redo my piles a couple times and pick up the bucket once from all his help.  I encouraged him to go run in the pasture but was bound and determined staying with me was much more fun.  How can you look at the little guy and seriously get upset with him though?

jaxx with chores

The chickens all seem to be laying eggs now and are still pullet size.  I was getting a few each day but this morning I had 5 so production is picking up!  Good thing we’re having frittata tonight to use some of them up.  Eggs, fresh garden spinach, ham pieces leftover from Easter, and cheese, and we’ll have ourselves a good meal.  Add some hashbrowns on the side and there you have it.  Breakfast for dinner.  There are 8 Leghorns and 4 Rhode Island Reds.  The Leghorns are pretty chickens when they sit.  The Reds are big talkers though and enjoy having a conversation with me at any given time.

sitting chicken

Hank and Houston are doing well and have gotten into their routine, finally.  We had a tire that I put into their yard.  After sniffing around and in it, they were climbing on it, giving them something else to occupy their time during the day.  I’d like to continue to add things that will be fun for them.  When it’s ridiculously hot though, they prefer simply sitting in the shade, munching on hay, and occasionally venturing out for water or to see what’s happening around.

goats on tire

The garden, although having far too many weeds, is coming along – at least a good bit of what I planted is.  I swear if there was an apocalypse the zucchini would be one food that would prevail.  I picked the first three last night and couldn’t believe how big the one had gotten.  I generally like to pick them when they’re smaller so they’re not dried out and spongy.  As they are ready to harvest, I’ll do each one up into the portions I need to make zucchini bread and muffins, which is the primary use for them at our house.  It’s a great smell in the colder months when it’s baking in the oven, carrying the aroma throughout the house.  I hope to get a bumper crop so I can share with my mom and we can both have plenty for the winter.  We share our crops back and forth, depending on who grew what and how much.  It’s fun for us and we both benefit from it.


Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and we’ll celebrate our Independence Day by getting some things done around the ranch while it’s cool.  In the afternoon we’ll stay out of the hot sun but no doubt we’ll have something to do.  Dinner will be a Cajun boil for the two of us.  We’ll keep it a simple one with just potatoes, corn, sausage and shrimp.  By far the best seasoning I’ve found, and we both love, is the Slap Ya Mama Cajun boil seasoning.  I get it off Amazon.com which is my go-to place a lot of the times when I’m looking for certain things.  It comes in a 3-pack and I only use a half pack for us, so it lasts a while.

I’m always proud to be an American, regardless of the political and economical climate we may be facing.  We are a strong and proud nation where regardless of our differences, come together in times of tragedy and need.  Regardless of a person’s past, it’s never too late to turn around and as a daily ritual, perform random acts of kindness.  Even the small ones to the person on the giving end, can be big to the person on the receiving end.




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