Thanking the Show “Heartland”

One of my favorite shows, no actually, it is THE favorite show of mine.  Heartland.  I love everything about it.  It’s based on a horse ranch (based in Canada), open space, small town, not about cussing and killing, and did I mention ranch?  It’s because of that show I was able to convince my husband (which wasn’t hard) that it was time to make the move, buy property, and pursue our dream.  While it was a rough go in the beginning, I couldn’t be happier how it’s all turned out.  We continue to watch that show and every time the theme song comes on we look at each other and smile.  I love the music soundtracks in the show.  I wish they had a soundtrack CD for each season.  I’d buy them all!  Currently my favorite song from it is Phillip LaRue’s “Carry You.”  I highly recommend listening to it.

We got our first chicken egg on Sunday!  We got a second one this morning and I suspect it is from the same chicken.  It’s white so it’s from one of the Leghorns.  The Rhode Islands are a bit bigger but haven’t started laying yet.  They should all start laying the small pullet eggs here in the next month.  I’ve already got a bunch of egg recipes ready to go and figure we’ll be eating a lot of them (in moderation but probably on the high side of it).  I’m thinking frittata because it will take no crust and can use many of the vegetables we’re growing in the garden.  It’s great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner too.  Of course, in the beginning at least, it will take a couple eggs to equal a regular size egg.  First chicken egg

Our second baby mini donkey was born on Saturday afternoon.  Pretty exciting because  now the countdown to bring them both home can begin, probably being the end of October.  It was a little female (jennet) which we named Emma.  Now we’ll have Ella (who is a dark brown) and Emma (a lighter brown).

Emma 6-2017

They finish up the Mini S Ranch line up of animals.  That gives us (in addition to our four dogs), three mini horses, two mini fainting goats, two mini donkeys, twelve chickens, and four ducks.  Yep, that is plenty considering that a full-time job fills up the day.  Mornings and evenings are spent doing the chores for them all with some loving touches and talking with them.  Weekends are an extended version of that.

I’ll be taking a couple days off so I can spend it working with Jaxx getting used to his halter, leading, getting groomed, and doing a little of that with the other two as well.  I’ve not groomed them as often as I’d like.  Luckily their winter coat is off and they look beautiful and sleek.  Jaxx is losing his baby hair, in part from rubbing up against the fence.  Part of his hair came off in somewhat of a sideways heart pattern.  It’s pretty cute.

Jaxx with heart

Next on my agenda is getting a sun shade up for the chickens (yes, they’re spoiled) and make ice blocks for all the animals during the hot days of summer.

Oh, and did I mention I ordered personalized plates for my new truck?  No surprise it will say “Mini S” on it.




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