Duck Shower

Duck ShowerThe ducks have a little wading tank they like to get in and splash around, quack like crazy, and have a good time.  When they see one of us with the hose though, that’s when they really get excited.  All four stand together looking at me waiting for the hose to come on so they can get a shower.  We put it in spray mode so it’s like a rainfall on them.  Afterwards they flutter their wings out and shake and quack.  Over the weekend I bet we did it about four times a day for them just for fun for us and I’m sure with the heat, comforting for them.

My husband and I laugh about our chickens.  They are chicken for sure!  They go in and out of the chicken coop all day with the light off without any problems.  When night comes though, they all stay outside if I haven’t been out to turn the light on until I do make it out to turn the light on and close them in for the night.  They will huddle right by the door in a pile basically, waiting for me because there is a light above the barn on the outside.  It cracks me up every night.  When it’s the heat of the day (at the moment they have no outside shade during that time) they stay inside unless something catches their attention and they’ll step outside for a bit.

We’re doing some no to low maintenance in an area on the west side where there will also be a nice sitting area to look out over the west pasture.  Ed’s spent a lot of time and effort on what was a tired overgrown and neglected pasture that required the brush hog to mow it into a nice level and perked up pasture that can be mowed with the riding mower.  The garden has been neglected and shows by all the grass and weeds that’s grown in.  We’ve had so many other things going on that admittedly this is one area that has not had our (my) full attention.  Still, things are growing and doing well having said that.  I try to keep the weeds and grass away from the plants themselves.  Next year it will be better though because we can do some soil maintenance to it and get it prepped for the spring till.  What grows this year is a plus and there will be corn to freeze, fresh greens to eat, zucchini and pumpkin to harvest, probably tomatoes too which will become salsa.  It’s my peppers and watermelon that I think are not happy with the soil or living conditions.  I’m okay with that though.  With everything we’ve done and are still doing this year, the fact that one area falls short on expectations isn’t disturbing to me.  I’ll be grateful for anything and everything we’re able to harvest.

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