All Work and No Play…

Since before the day we ever moved into our home and property, we were planning and working on improvement and moving forward with our dream.  We have a lot to show for our hard work over the last several months.  As the heat of the summer starts to show its head, we’ve come to the conclusion that we will work in the evenings as it cools during the week and mornings and evenings on the weekends.  The heat of the day will be for staying inside to cool off or run errands or visit family and family.  Maybe we’ll even attend some fun summertime events.  While neither of us are burnt out, we have come to an agreement that we have to give ourselves a break now that we are working on the things we want for our home and acreage versus things that were needed.

We’re getting new neighbors across the way from us and are happy to say they are much like us.  They’ve already got projects lined up for what sounds like several months or years to come.  It will be nice to see the place receive some much needed improvements.  Their son is 10-years old and has fallen in love with our goats and especially with Jaxx.  Now he can walk through our pasture and Jaxx will follow him around like a puppy.  They’ve become best friends.  It’s so cute.

Connor and Jaxx

We have baby birds all over our property.  Whenever I take a video around the place, when I play it back, there is always a loud background of birds.  We have nests in the horse barn, hay barn, above our garage door, on the porch in the hanging flower basket, and even in the newspaper bin next to our mailbox.  There are small sparrows, swallows, robins and finches.  Of course baby birds can nest anywhere, but it makes me that much more heart happy that so many chose our place for it.  (They probably settled there because we kept them fed in the bird feeders all winter long!)

Baby birds

My oldest son married his long time girlfriend last weekend.  It was a busy and fun time.  I even practiced crying (well not really practicing, it just happened) on the way to the wedding.  Walking with my son down the aisle and receiving the hug before I sat done melted my heart.  I love my two sons, who are both now happily married.  I couldn’t be more proud.  They’ve got plans for the future and are putting all the pieces into place to make it happen.  I have faith they’ll reach their goals! And let’s face it, after having two boys, I get the bonus to finally have two girls to call my kids along with my grandchildren of course, too!

Matt Latisha Wedding Photo

Now my husband and I are planning next steps on what we’d like to do, focusing more on aesthetics and functionality of the west pasture.  We don’t feel like it has to be done yesterday, which takes a lot of pressure off of us.  We know our to-do list will never get smaller, so we’ll pace ourselves through it all.  These days, we’re much better about stopping to take in all we’ve done.  We have really brought the place to life so much from the tired and outdated place it started as.  Once we get it re-stained in a couple weeks, the log home will brighten it all up even more!  Life is good.

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