Ella the Mini Donkey

The weekend was very busy with all the goings on as long holiday weekends go.  We fly a flag in our yard every day for our country and all who have served.  Memorial Day we flew it in honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Ed’s shop is done as far as the building of it goes.  Doors and final inspection are the only things next on the list so he can then get things moved in to it.  He hired someone to put in the insulation, side walls, roof, and trim – an expense well worth it.  The guy and his crew did an amazing job and got it done quickly, although it took longer than they thought by a couple days.  The placement of the building works really well with the house and property.  Ed’s dream of having a shop is finally coming to fruition.

Eds shop - internal.jpg

We took the drive up to see Ella, our little mini donkey who was born about three weeks ago.  She’s taller than Jaxx is right now but her full size will be the same as what his will be in the end.  She is really cute and needs to get used to people a little more.  Our other little donkey hasn’t been born yet.  I looked at the mom and she is very close.  Her belly is sagging very low and she’s in milk, although I didn’t notice any waxing.  I suspect in the next couple weeks we’ll be notified of our newest mini S ranch addition.  Ed’s hoping for a boy so we can name him Einstein.  If we have another female, I’m not sure what her name will be.  We won’t be breeding them though so if we do have a boy, both him and Jaxx will both be gelded.

Ella - 5-29-17

We put in solar lights to line the driveway to the property as you enter.  These are not dollar store lights that simply glow.  These are nice highly luminescent and is truly a light and not just a glow stick! I love all the details that go into our property.  Some things require sweat equity.  Everything else waits until money (or opportunity) allows us to get it.

We have new neighbors that have purchased the house across the way from us.  What is currently run down will seemingly see new life.  We’ve met the new owners and they seem very motivated to make a lot of positive and much needed improvements to the property.  The end of the road where we live will be the place to be once they’re up to speed too!




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