Home Activity

My husband Ed put in the Welcome sign my youngest son Chris made for us.  It turned out so nice and is one more added touch as you drive into our property.  I love everything about it.  The color is very close to what our house will be once the painters finally get it done making it that much better.

Welcome sign

Jaxx is getting more pasture time now, which means more running time, which means he also gets tired more.  Getting tired and taking a nap or relaxing helps Little America who continuously frets over where her little guy is.  The last couple days being in the pasture has helped get her more relaxing time for her.  She watches out of the corner of her eye where he’s at but is slowly allowing him a wee bit more freedom.  If he wanders off too far though, or if he’s wound up running all over the place, the fretting mother in her comes out again and chases him all over, whinnying and throwing her mane around in frustration.  Jaxx in grass

The “kids”, Hank and Houston have been in the pasture more lately too.  It’s just too wide open not to get them out and allow them play time too.  They’re starting to faint more now when startled or over stimulated which brings smiles and laughter every time.  While I’m doing chores their curiosity gets the best of them and they have to come over and check things out.

Hank Houston at bucket

I’m ready for a 3-day weekend in observance of Memorial Day.  While I never forget what our days off work are for, the fact that it’s a day off is a blessing.  Be safe!




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