Rain Recovery

With almost 9″ of rain in a four-day period, we were pretty soaked around the ranch by the time the sun finally came out.  Having said that, we faired pretty well.  Our sump pumps are finally slowing down to very infrequent but at least we had no house flooding issues.

The garden looked more like a pond for a bit.  Looking at it yesterday, we might have lucked out there too.  In some areas I might need to reseed, but the corn is breaking through along with the pumpkin so not all is lost.  I raked around the plants we had to help dry the soil a bit which helped too.  More flowers were planted.  We also had one plum tree that didn’t make it.  It wasn’t from the weather, the tree was doubtful from the start.  So a new and more healthy one was planted in its place yesterday.  Buckets are a beautiful thing for covering plants when snow or frost comes.  Everything got a good dose of sunshine yesterday though and the leaves were reaching for the warmth!

The animals, after having been housed up in the barn for a few days, were very happy to be out and about.  Jaxx, being one week old today, has found his legs and at time even speed.  America is still not happy when he runs away and she’s frantic if she can’t get to him. There’s protective in general, and then there’s protective by America.  She doesn’t let him out of her sight.  For a little stallion, that is and will only get more so challenging.

Jaxx prance with America

The goats are into their routine.  Hank loves attention and food.  He’s also curious.  Large tractor tires are in the pasture for them to climb on.  So far Hank has enjoyed it but Houston simply watches.  He’s sniffed around it out of curiosity.  Time will change that, I’m sure.

Goats in pasture with tires

The ducks are now in with the chickens and out from under the brooder in the garage.  We couldn’t be happier.  Not only was it added chores, which is just part of it, but the smell! Having them in the coop now has allowed the garage to get back to normal.  They are all doing well and happy with the extra room to roam out in the chicken run with access to more water for consistent bathing and playing.

Ducks in coop

I ordered some things to create an environment where people (mostly kids) can feed the ducks, chickens, and goats.  Once things calm down in the horse area, I’m sure they would appreciate a few treats here and there too.


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