Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

With property, whether smaller acreage or larger, if you have animals, it’s a lot of work. Time has gotten away from me since I last updated you all.

The barnyard has been extended again to better accommodate the chickens, ducks, mini horses, and mini fainting goats (and mini donkeys by year’s end).  The barnyard is within our east pasture which is fully fenced with welded wire around the entire perimeter allowing for even the smallest of animals to wander free safely without getting out.

Me at barnyard

Our baby goats come home on Saturday morning and we are so excited. Their yard is ready for them complete with a little house and a deck, a play ball, and room to be kids in.  Of course their feeder, water, salt block, etc. are available for them at all times. They’ll also have the pasture to really get wound up too.

Me with goats.jpg

My little Yorkie has liver shunts and kidney problems and gave us a real scare with the disease progressing.  She is now on a special diet and medication, which will be lifelong.  She’s moving slow but signs of our old Derby were showing through this morning giving us renewed hope she’ll be back to normal soon.

Derby sleeping

After four grandsons, the fifth one is a girl!  My son and daughter-in-law welcomed their little Lakota Lynette into the world last week.  She is perfect! Some may say I am bias, and maybe I am, but despite that, she really is perfect.  Her dainty features, love of snuggling, and good temperament add to her perfection.  I watched my youngest grandson, Dallas, while they were in the hospital and through the weekend to let them get settled in at home.  He’s a big help around the ranch, for about five minutes at a time.  He’s a lot of fun!

Dallas with horsesLakota newborn

It’s been a special week and Lord knows there’s always something to be grateful for.  I’m luckier than most these days, having so many blessings.

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