Ella the Mini Donkey

The weekend was very busy with all the goings on as long holiday weekends go.  We fly a flag in our yard every day for our country and all who have served.  Memorial Day we flew it in honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Ed’s shop is done as far as the building of it goes.  Doors and final inspection are the only things next on the list so he can then get things moved in to it.  He hired someone to put in the insulation, side walls, roof, and trim – an expense well worth it.  The guy and his crew did an amazing job and got it done quickly, although it took longer than they thought by a couple days.  The placement of the building works really well with the house and property.  Ed’s dream of having a shop is finally coming to fruition.

Eds shop - internal.jpg

We took the drive up to see Ella, our little mini donkey who was born about three weeks ago.  She’s taller than Jaxx is right now but her full size will be the same as what his will be in the end.  She is really cute and needs to get used to people a little more.  Our other little donkey hasn’t been born yet.  I looked at the mom and she is very close.  Her belly is sagging very low and she’s in milk, although I didn’t notice any waxing.  I suspect in the next couple weeks we’ll be notified of our newest mini S ranch addition.  Ed’s hoping for a boy so we can name him Einstein.  If we have another female, I’m not sure what her name will be.  We won’t be breeding them though so if we do have a boy, both him and Jaxx will both be gelded.

Ella - 5-29-17

We put in solar lights to line the driveway to the property as you enter.  These are not dollar store lights that simply glow.  These are nice highly luminescent and is truly a light and not just a glow stick! I love all the details that go into our property.  Some things require sweat equity.  Everything else waits until money (or opportunity) allows us to get it.

We have new neighbors that have purchased the house across the way from us.  What is currently run down will seemingly see new life.  We’ve met the new owners and they seem very motivated to make a lot of positive and much needed improvements to the property.  The end of the road where we live will be the place to be once they’re up to speed too!




Home Activity

My husband Ed put in the Welcome sign my youngest son Chris made for us.  It turned out so nice and is one more added touch as you drive into our property.  I love everything about it.  The color is very close to what our house will be once the painters finally get it done making it that much better.

Welcome sign

Jaxx is getting more pasture time now, which means more running time, which means he also gets tired more.  Getting tired and taking a nap or relaxing helps Little America who continuously frets over where her little guy is.  The last couple days being in the pasture has helped get her more relaxing time for her.  She watches out of the corner of her eye where he’s at but is slowly allowing him a wee bit more freedom.  If he wanders off too far though, or if he’s wound up running all over the place, the fretting mother in her comes out again and chases him all over, whinnying and throwing her mane around in frustration.  Jaxx in grass

The “kids”, Hank and Houston have been in the pasture more lately too.  It’s just too wide open not to get them out and allow them play time too.  They’re starting to faint more now when startled or over stimulated which brings smiles and laughter every time.  While I’m doing chores their curiosity gets the best of them and they have to come over and check things out.

Hank Houston at bucket

I’m ready for a 3-day weekend in observance of Memorial Day.  While I never forget what our days off work are for, the fact that it’s a day off is a blessing.  Be safe!




Rain Recovery

With almost 9″ of rain in a four-day period, we were pretty soaked around the ranch by the time the sun finally came out.  Having said that, we faired pretty well.  Our sump pumps are finally slowing down to very infrequent but at least we had no house flooding issues.

The garden looked more like a pond for a bit.  Looking at it yesterday, we might have lucked out there too.  In some areas I might need to reseed, but the corn is breaking through along with the pumpkin so not all is lost.  I raked around the plants we had to help dry the soil a bit which helped too.  More flowers were planted.  We also had one plum tree that didn’t make it.  It wasn’t from the weather, the tree was doubtful from the start.  So a new and more healthy one was planted in its place yesterday.  Buckets are a beautiful thing for covering plants when snow or frost comes.  Everything got a good dose of sunshine yesterday though and the leaves were reaching for the warmth!

The animals, after having been housed up in the barn for a few days, were very happy to be out and about.  Jaxx, being one week old today, has found his legs and at time even speed.  America is still not happy when he runs away and she’s frantic if she can’t get to him. There’s protective in general, and then there’s protective by America.  She doesn’t let him out of her sight.  For a little stallion, that is and will only get more so challenging.

Jaxx prance with America

The goats are into their routine.  Hank loves attention and food.  He’s also curious.  Large tractor tires are in the pasture for them to climb on.  So far Hank has enjoyed it but Houston simply watches.  He’s sniffed around it out of curiosity.  Time will change that, I’m sure.

Goats in pasture with tires

The ducks are now in with the chickens and out from under the brooder in the garage.  We couldn’t be happier.  Not only was it added chores, which is just part of it, but the smell! Having them in the coop now has allowed the garage to get back to normal.  They are all doing well and happy with the extra room to roam out in the chicken run with access to more water for consistent bathing and playing.

Ducks in coop

I ordered some things to create an environment where people (mostly kids) can feed the ducks, chickens, and goats.  Once things calm down in the horse area, I’m sure they would appreciate a few treats here and there too.


Whirlwind Weekend

What a weekend we had!  So much going on all at once.  I love the results it’s all producing and look forward to more of a routine, even if only temporarily.

The pieces and parts for Ed’s shop arrived late Friday evening.  Friends and family, although it was a small group, helped both Saturday and Sunday getting the steel up.  It will take a bit for it to be completed.  There was definitely no time wasted this weekend though getting it started.

start of shop

Hank and Houston came home. The first day and night they weren’t sure what was going on.  Hank was fine as long as he had food, water, shade, and attention.  Houston took a little more time but has settled in just fine.  He doesn’t need the attention, and is content with my presence, more so than actually being held.  Hank will probably want to sit in my lap when he’s full grown! By Sunday it all seemed more routine for them.  I love the sound they make, reminding me there are babies around.



Speaking of babies, I got to see my youngest grandchild, which after four grandsons, I have been blessed with the fifth one being a girl.  Little Lakota is a precious little girl who is absolutely beautiful.  I love being able to hold her and kiss on her!Lakota 5-13-17

Little America was showing signs of labor on Sunday.  I checked on her at 10PM and she was fine.  At midnight I got up and looked out the window.  From the distance, it looked like she was uncomfortable, so I got dressed and went out there to stay until she foaled.   She had just foaled right before I got int here and the little one was just trying to stand up.  By the time I took the picture, he was up, she had passed the placenta without an issue and was standing up.  A precious little boy born just after midnight on the 15th.  I named him Jumpin Jaxx, and will go by just Jaxx.  The vet came out and all tests were normal.  Little America was not happy with someone touching her baby.  She is very protective.  She allows me to be around but is still very guarded.  This morning, at one day old, Jaxx took a walk with America in the sunshine.  He was looking around seeing what a big world it is!  I could tell that while America was happy to be out of the barn, she didn’t want out long and called Jaxx to go into the barn where I closed them in for a while.  Food, water, and shelter are all in there and she can lay down and relax as needed.  I’ll let her decide when she wants to freely come and go out of the barn.  She’s not there yet though.


The ducks had time out in the pasture and had fun in the pool.  Well, all but one.  Chuck’s not sure he wants to take the plunge but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.  This coming weekend they’ll be feathered out enough I can put them with the chickens finally full-time.  Hopefully there aren’t any issues there with being in with them.  If there are, like all things, we’ll adjust and make it work.

ducks intro in pool

I managed to get some mowing, trimming, and even planted a few annuals in a flower stand my oldest son and daughter-in-law purchased for me.  It was all natural wood when I got it, so I gave it a little garden color.  It looks very cute out near the fence line.  Lavender and daisies will grow on each side, framing it in nicely.

Flower pot tree

It’s been a crazy, busy weekend and I’m anxious to get to work and have a regular day to recharge for the next weekend go-round.

Life at mini S ranch is a great place to be!


Baby Donkey Ella

Our first baby donkey was born on May 11.  It’s a girl!  We’ve sweetly named her Ella.  The breeder said she already loves snuggles and love, which is great since she’ll get a lot of that at our place!  Because of the length of the nursing and weaning process, she won’t actually come home until around the October/November time frame.  You can darn well bet she’ll get visits from us between now and then though!

We have one more due to join Ella.  We don’t know if we’ll have another girl or a boy.  In any case, they’ll be well loved and cared for.  We’ll bring them both home at the same time so I hope the second one is born soon.

Mini S Ranch is a fun place to be right now.  Loving every minute of it!


Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

With property, whether smaller acreage or larger, if you have animals, it’s a lot of work. Time has gotten away from me since I last updated you all.

The barnyard has been extended again to better accommodate the chickens, ducks, mini horses, and mini fainting goats (and mini donkeys by year’s end).  The barnyard is within our east pasture which is fully fenced with welded wire around the entire perimeter allowing for even the smallest of animals to wander free safely without getting out.

Me at barnyard

Our baby goats come home on Saturday morning and we are so excited. Their yard is ready for them complete with a little house and a deck, a play ball, and room to be kids in.  Of course their feeder, water, salt block, etc. are available for them at all times. They’ll also have the pasture to really get wound up too.

Me with goats.jpg

My little Yorkie has liver shunts and kidney problems and gave us a real scare with the disease progressing.  She is now on a special diet and medication, which will be lifelong.  She’s moving slow but signs of our old Derby were showing through this morning giving us renewed hope she’ll be back to normal soon.

Derby sleeping

After four grandsons, the fifth one is a girl!  My son and daughter-in-law welcomed their little Lakota Lynette into the world last week.  She is perfect! Some may say I am bias, and maybe I am, but despite that, she really is perfect.  Her dainty features, love of snuggling, and good temperament add to her perfection.  I watched my youngest grandson, Dallas, while they were in the hospital and through the weekend to let them get settled in at home.  He’s a big help around the ranch, for about five minutes at a time.  He’s a lot of fun!

Dallas with horsesLakota newborn

It’s been a special week and Lord knows there’s always something to be grateful for.  I’m luckier than most these days, having so many blessings.