Muckin’ boots and Work gloves

As I walked through the rain and mud to feed animals before work this morning, I had to laugh at myself.  I have a great job and work full time.  I worked many years to get where I am and feel very fortunate for where I have gotten.

Fast forward to the present moment when I look down and see my muckin’ boots all wet and muddy, my barn rain jacket with the hood over my head, and my work gloves.  While I wear different shirts to work (I wear jeans almost every day unless I have a meeting outside the company), my most worn attire has become my muckin’ boots and work gloves.

I wouldn’t change it for the world.  My job gives me the income to add to and help us with our lifestyle we’ve created. But the daily chores and the work that goes into having acreage and animals is therapeutic. No matter the stress of my day, no matter the workload I have to get through at the office, out there with the animals in the wonderful property my husband and I have created, I am content.

When it quits raining, we will get more done.  We can use the rain though – as long as it doesn’t ruin the young fruit trees (we call fruit sticks), then it’s all good.  Sunshine comes tomorrow so for today, rain is a good thing!

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