Easter Blessings

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter.  The morning was crazy busy getting the meal put together and ready for family to arrive.  It was a smaller group this year.  Having family who has in-laws and extended family to also see, it’s difficult trying to get around to everyone.  For me, once the dinner was over, it allowed me to sit on the porch while we relaxed and take in all the work we’ve done.  It shows.

Our recent clean up was our large front yard.  There were trees planting along the entire perimeter.  I understand the reasoning to want to block out any house within view and the road.  But these trees were planted without any rhyme or reason.  My husband and I went around and decided which trees should stay or go.  They’re relatively small still so getting them out wasn’t as bad as if they had been mature.  I sprayed black paint on each trunk that was coming down.  Once that was done we started around pruning the trees so they will actually look like a tree rather than a bush.  We got one side done on the east but still have the south and west side to tackle.  It really helps make it come to life.  When they’re full grown, it will now look much better. We also power raked the grass which made it very short.  It got up all the old dead grass that had built up.  Now when the water hits it, the water actually soaks into the ground rather than sitting on top of it and not getting down into the roots. I took a picture of the yard with my youngest grandson Dallas crouching down.  The grass will green up as it gets a little length to it and the water soaks in well.

Front yard with Dallas

Life is good at our little “mini S ranch.”  The biggest lesson I have learned so far is to not do too much too soon.  It can get done, but it doesn’t have to get done all at once.  We are both feeling the exhaustion of trying to get it all done.  We’ve only been at the new place for four and a half months.  What we’ve got started we will finish up. Once the projects in play are done, we’re going to slow it down.  Next year will bring more projects.  We don’t have to do it all this year.

Sitting on the porch yesterday taking it all in made that point very clear to me.  The saying “stop and smell the roses” couldn’t be more fitting than for us right now.



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