Duck, Duck, No Goose!

Building my little animal farm has been a lot of fun.  It’s also come with a lot of work.  Thanks to my husband and his willingness to help me any time I want to add animals which results in building something or extending the barnyard.  Without him, getting things done would take a heck of a lot longer.  As we looked around last night after we did some ground maintenance in the front so it looks nice for Easter, we acknowledged the fact that we can actually “see” the efforts we’ve put in.  For so long I dreamt of a life like this.  Now I live it and am appreciative for every day I do.

Ducks 04-2017

I had a meeting outside the office yesterday which happened to be by a ranch supply store.  I ran in to get more wood shavings, which I use in the stalls.  I prefer it to straw.  I have plenty of chickens and don’t need anymore of those.  But ducks!  I don’t have any of those!  I had said I wouldn’t get any more animals that aren’t already in the plan, but what’s two little ducks, right?  I picked them up after my meeting.  I didn’t have time to go home first, so luckily I have a job and an office that will allow for temporary needs just like this one.  Those two little cute ducks were louder than my twelve chickens were.  Everyone kept coming in to see them.  That was all fine.  What wasn’t though was the foul (or should I say fowl?) that was in my office after I came back from a meeting.  I had my door closed to reduce the noise.  Needless to say, I left a little early to get them home and in their right environment.  They’re great farm animals.  But don’t belong in the office or home – at least from my perspective anyway.

This weekend brings a lot of work with a 3-day weekend (I have tomorrow off).  At the end of the weekend there will be a lot to show for it.  Sunday will be Easter so it’s family time.  We’re excited for them to see all the work we’ve done since the last time many of them stopped by.  Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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