Making Decisions

I always feel good about being productive when the weekend is over.  We’re busy during the week of course, but bigger projects have to wait when we get a couple days off.


Our little Hank and Houston are growing. We went to see them at the owner’s farm on Saturday.  Hank decided he only wanted to be held.  My husband held him for a bit and put him down.  He came to me and I picked him up.  I thought he wanted down after a while after being carried around, so I put him down.  He looked at me like I was cruel.  He pawed at me to be picked up again, which of course I did.  He stayed with me until we left. Some time around mid-May we can bring them home.  We’re anxious for that day!  Their little houses with a deck on top will come in and be built the first of the month.  Of course pictures will be shown here! We’ve decided to extend the barnyard to give them more room to play during the day.  Then they’ll have the whole pasture to run around on too in the afternoon.  There’s a stump Ed put out there to climb on.  He’s also going to find big tires and dig them into the ground so they can climb on those too.

Legacy head on

I tossed around selling My Legacy, the stallion.  With having a mare who’s pregnant, I was only going to keep two animals of each mini we get.  But I, by happenstance, was able to connect with the original owner.  She gave me a very sad story about how he’s been bounced around for the last eight years.  I just can’t do that to him again.  He does need to have his own stall when he eats in the morning because he gets too aggressive around the mare.  My husband and I have talked about this frequently lately.  We think he’s had to fight for his food so often and has had to do with less, that it’s become almost a survival instinct for him.  Apparently, the last 4 owners he’s had (between the original owner and me) hasn’t treated him well.  The owner I bought him from neglected him and the mare by not feeding them enough, not having their vaccinations, no hoof trims, etc.  So I put him in his own stall to eat in the morning and that problem has been solved.  He even prefers that.  Luckily he is very trainable and learns quickly.  He loves routine.  I’ve even caught him running and jumping a bit lately.  My heart about broke when I heard about his past.  So I’ll keep him too and he’ll be well cared for.

Orchard planted 2017

It’s difficult to see in this picture.  But the fruit trees, or should we call them fruit sticks, have been planted in our orchard.  Ed tilled the ground a few times getting it nice and soft.  We now have 3 apple trees, 2 peach trees, and a plum tree that are planted.  The cherry tree hasn’t come in yet.  We’ll also be putting in raspberry and blueberry bushes in the orchard area.  The watermelon and strawberries will be over on the garden side of the field since it’s a much larger area and those take up more space.  It will take a few years before we actually benefit from them, but we’ll be able to watch them grow into a beautiful 45 foot stretch of fruit goodness.

We put in alpaca manure into the garden since our goats aren’t here yet.  The nice thing about alpaca and goat manure is that it’s not “hot” so it can be tilled in and planting can immediately follow.  It’s a very light manure.  The pellets make it easy to spread around.  Ed tilled it all in with our tractor to work it into the soil too.  The llama that was there when we picked up the manure wanted to pose, so I obliged with a photo opportunity.


Ed’s shop foundation is being completed this week.  The shop materials will come in the next couple weeks so construction on that will begin.  I’m sure he will spend a great bit of time in there once it’s finished.

Lots going on at miniSranch.  Life is good!


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