Coats for Goats

Being a little cooler this weekend, I wanted to get Hank and Houston little coats when it’s cold.  Houston, the smaller of the two, was content sitting inside my coat and wastes  no time going to sleep, given the opportunity.  Outside my coat, he is also content wearing his coat.  He found himself a nice area out of the wind, and snuggled in for a nap.

Hank on the other hand doesn’t miss a milk meal, so he’s noticeably bigger than Houston.  With his little coat on, he strutted through the goat yard like a turkey!  He was proud and made sure to walk around to all the other little goats showing off his new outfit.

I also got them a break away collar that has a tiny bell on it (which is actually a cat collar).  Now we can hear them when we’re looking amongst 50 babies running around.  We made good choices for our picks of which ones we wanted.  Still a ways to go but it’s nice to be able to come see them when we want.

I laughed at myself this morning as I did the chores.  I get ready for work and then back out to the barn to do the chores, then leave from there.  I wear my barn jacket over the jacket I wear to work.  I get everything done, and then take off the barn jacket.  I also have to wipe down my boots so I look presentable when I get there.  A few times I’ve forgotten to do it beforehand, so I immediately get a rag and clean them off.

I bought a large fish net so I can clean out grass that blows in to the water tank.  I keep it as clean as I can so they have nice water constantly but we get so much wind that this was my resolution.  People may laugh at me that I do that but it works and it’s effective.  We can’t afford to get those automatic watering systems, so this is a great alternative.

I love the whinny sounds my mare makes when I step out to feed them.  She’s quite the talker, my Little America is. Legacy, the stallion, stands right at the gate ready to eat his morning meal as I walk through.  They’ve really settled in to our home and I couldn’t be more pleased with them.

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