New Kids Are Coming!


Well, we did it.  We got to go and pick out our new miniature fainting goats.  At only four days old, they were perfectly content being loved on and cuddled.  I picked them up and they cozied right in and feeling perfectly safe, fell asleep in my arms.  I did not want to put either one down.

They won’t actually come home until they are about eight weeks old. But the farm isn’t that far from us so I’ll go a couple times a week to bond with them until it’s time.  I bought break away collars for them to put on them this weekend to more easily identify ours compared to the other almost fifty other little goats that are running around.  I can see how owning them can be completely addicting.

The original intent was to get a male and female.  My husband wanted a male to name after his brother, Hank, and found him pretty quickly.  I had seen on Facebook a tri-colored one and was in love.  The owner chose to keep the female, so to have a tri-color, I went with a male.  The one I chose had more dark tones that light and was very cuddly from the start.  His name is now Houston.

The miniature donkeys will wait for now.  With this being the first year on our little mini S ranch, and now having 4 dogs, 12 chickens, 2 miniature horses with one on the way, and now 2 miniature fainting goats, I think that’s a pretty good start.

I couldn’t resist the sign.  It helps add to the fun of the place.

Fainting Goat Sign

Planting the garden starts the end of next month and it’s going to be pretty crazy the first year getting not only the typical annual produce, but also putting in the fruit orchard.  It will have apples, peaches, cherries, blueberries, and raspberries.

No matter the weather and no matter the chore, I’m at peace on our little ranch.

mini S ranch

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