Chicken Chatter

Chickens on 3-12-17

My Leghorns and Rhode Island Reds are doing amazing.  They are growing like crazy.  We had to lift up the brooder light because they’re getting taller.  The warmth from the light is still needed because they haven’t completely feathered out yet.  They’re close though – within a couple weeks they’ll be out from the brooder box and able to get around great without it.

I took out a lot of the old pine shavings and put in a fresh batch.  Oh the chatter that began!  They were chattering back and forth to each other like crazy.  Their little feet were scratching and kicking up the shavings all over the place having a good ole time.

It’s amazing how literally on a day to day basis you can see physical changes in them.  One morning I came out to notice that their little fur body and fur head had grown a neck in between.  Their heads are starting to show the comb now, but just a little.  When I come in to the coop where the brooder box is set up, they all look at me and start making noise.  That is probably because they know they will get more food and fresh water.  This weekend I’m introducing them to the dried mealworms so they’ll be in for a real treat (although it is just that – a treat)! I’ll also be getting a feeder pan and putting in some nutritional foods to pick at.  I want them to get used to being in the grass and pecking at the ground too.  With the warmer weather coming, that will make it easier to do.  I want to keep my chickens happy!

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