From the Barnyard

SE corner of barnyardWhile doing morning chores, and finally a little sunshine and spring-like warmth, I stood at the edge of the barnyard and admired how far we’ve come in only a few months. The mini horses are happy,  having adequate food, water, shelter, and an over abundance of love.  My miniature fainting goats should be born any day now, at which point will put me on an 8-week count down.  The miniature donkeys won’t come home until the October/November time frame. It’s a happy feeling doing what I do these days.

The dozen little chicks (8 Leghorns and 4 Rhode Island Red) are equally doing well.  I went into the coop where their brooding box is the other morning to find that the little fur balls with round heads had overnight grown necks!  Amazing how you can literally notice a difference from day to day. I’ve never done any wing clipping to keep them from flying too high, so I’ll have to work on getting up to speed on that point once it’s time.

I currently let the horses out into the east pasture each afternoon for a while and they wonder around content in the open. The east pasture has all new fencing.  The west pasture is now the focus of attention in that regard.  Then I can rotate the animals back and forth.  I’ll have to lead them over to that area but it gives me a chance to work with them a little in the process.

Neither one of them had been groomed in I don’t know how long.  Maintaining is one thing, but I really have no experience in thinning a mane, clipping, etc.  Oh sure, I can brush them down and help get them looking a lot nicer once they start shedding their heavy coats. The mane and tail are a whole other level.  I’d like to find a horse groomer who can get them where they need to be to look even more beautiful than I think they already are. This part, like so many other parts, is a learning curve for me.

Spring quickly approaches and this morning’s sunshine made me smile knowing that it’s just around the corner.


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