Late Spring Arrival

The vet arrived yesterday and hooked up the ultrasound machine.  She put the wand up to Little America’s belly and low and behold a little baby was moving around with a strong little heart beat! I was hoping for a cute little horse body to admire or at least the head but all I could really make out was the ribs and the heart beat.  But knowing that the baby appears healthy and strong enough (and moves quite often), I am satisfied.  She was able to determine that the baby will be due about the June or July time frame.  It’s not very exact so I’ll have to watch for all the signs that time is almost near.  I’ll probably be spending a few nights in the barn when it comes time with a coat and blanket.

The vet then floated Legacy’s teeth and what a difference that made!  I’d never actually watched it done before.  I completely understood why they gave him the sedative to basically knock him out.  The tool they use is quite the apparatus.

The farrier had arrived prior to the vet and got their hooves trimmed.  It had been so long I think they each lost an inch in height.  Little America was already walking so much better having hers done.  She had a type of slipper foot on her front left from not having been trimmed in Lord knows how long.

At the end of the day I felt so much better with them having been checked out and taken care of. They will never have to worry about not getting enough to eat or not being taken care of again.  They will be spoiled to the “nth” degree.  This is their happy home.

I was so happy and content last night I managed to make some salted caramel cookies. With the remodel of the kitchen coming soon, I won’t be able to bake (or cook) for a few weeks, so this may be the last time in the “old” kitchen I bake something.

God has blessed me over the past few months so much more than I had been before.  I am very fortunate that, even through hard times, I have always known He’s there with me. I am forever grateful for all my blessings – family, friends, animals/pets, job – I have it all.


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