An Extra Blessing

What a weekend!  Bright and early Saturday morning my youngest son and my 8-year old grandson set out for a 2 1/2 hour drive to where the mini’s were.  Albeit a little chilly, it was a beautiful morning.


Arriving at the then-current home of the horses, I noticed they were in a corral without shelter.  They seemed on the skinny side to me.  I had been told they had not seen a vet for over a year and a half and were in desperate need of a farrier.  That became all too obvious, all too soon. But I was in love instantly.  Neither one of them were above my waist in size and while a little timid, were not mean or wild. Luckily the ride home seemed to go quickly.

I got them in the corral and got them some much welcomed water and hay.  I let them out into the pasture to stretch their legs and nibble at some winter grass.  As I watched them, I thought the mare (who I renamed America – the Appaloosa stallion is Legacy) seemed to have a saggy belly and at one time I thought the belly seemed off to one side a little.  I had already arranged for a vet to come Monday so I made a mental note to ask her. I could be wrong.  It could just be a hay belly.

The first night they never did go into the barn at all.  So Sunday morning I gave them their hay in the stall.  America really liked it in there and frequency wanders in there.  Legacy only cares about being in there if there’s food.  With the mini’s the one thing that actually works to keep the corral cleaned out is a large dog pooper scooper! It makes for fast and easy clean up.

Sunday afternoon was warmer and sunny and I spent more time with the horses.  After giving them food, and attention, and water, and attention, and attention, and attention, they started walking up to me on their own.  Legacy got comfortable enough that as I sat on a tree stump watching them, he came over and sat down beside me.


The vet arrived Monday afternoon.  She game them both their required vaccinations.  Legacy needs to have his teeth floated so she will return tomorrow.  Other than that and needing to eat more than he has had, he was fine.

I told the vet about America and my concern that it might not be a hay belly but a baby bump.  She took time to do several checks and then said, “oh she’s pregnant, it just kicked me!” I put my hands under America’s belly and within a few seconds, a giant kick making it obvious.  I don’t know why I didn’t try that before, other than just thinking that I was probably imagining what I actually suspected. I had no idea! After many questions and calling my husband over to tell him the news (who was equally as shocked), I asked to find out some kind of guestimate at the time frame I’m looking at before she’s ready.  The vet will return tomorrow to do an ultrasound when she also floats Legacy’s teeth.  It won’t be an exact date but will provide a pretty good time frame to go by.  She was in need of more food, but I’ve had to gradually increase it so they don’t get sick.


They are both so loving and sweet and it breaks my heart they weren’t given the attention they needed.  That will never be their life again.  I thought having two miniature horses was such a blessing.  Now, only two days after having picked them up, I find that I have an extra blessing on the way!


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