A Little Bit of Paint

My husband and I have been working nonstop, as people in rural America do, on our property.  We’ve recently received compliments from other homes in the area on how we’ve really brought the place to life.  Our property has a bridal trail on the outside property lines, so people ride and walk by.  People love our new fence, which makes us happy because not only do we love it, but we have heard others in the area are considering now building a fence like it!

We recently were given (yes given!) horse panels for our corral.  They were in great shape other than the fact the paint had come off being exposed for a long period of time without maintenance but hadn’t started to rust.  We already a few panels that were on the property that also needed paint and had some rust on it.  After my husband got the panels set up, we went to town with paint, making them look new.  (Well, if you’re up close you can see they’re not brand new – but who cares!)

We pick up the miniature horses this Saturday.  I am chomping at the bit (no pun intended – ok, maybe a little) to get them home and start loving on them.  Next up are the spring chickens, a couple miniature fainting goats, and quite possibly a miniature donkey.  Then it will be a wrap for animals (for now) and waiting until spring planting season.

Things are falling into place.  I love it when a plan comes together; especially when they fall into place better than expected.

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