Before and After

A very productive weekend on our little farm/ranch.  (We’ll have to think of a name to call our place but as of yet it hasn’t quite jumped out at us.) We took a neglected small barn and completely updated the inside. The smaller stall was converted into a chicken coop and run. The middle stall will be for the miniature horses.  The end stall will be for the miniature goats (Fainting and Nigerian Dwarf). It’s very exciting around our house as we get one more project finished. We are so close to go animal shopping – I can almost smell it!  We still need to put up the corral panels where the horses and goats will be so there isn’t free reign through the pasture all the time. The fence has already been replaced and welded wire was put up around the entire pasture.  That was last weekend.  We’re getting it stained a nice cedar color which we’re getting done but takes a bit.  From the house all the visual boards are done.  We still need to stain the back side of each one.

There were old rusty horse panels that we updated and now looks brand new with a fresh coat of Rustoleum Hunter Green.  Amazing what a little elbow grease and paint can do.  We moved a gate from a section where Ed’s shop will be to the side of the pasture where the animals will be.  The gate will separate the pasture from what we call the “boneyard” and contains scrap metal panels, old posts, tomato cages, etc.

I checked the bird feeders and they don’t need filled again quite yet.  It looks like the sunflower seeds are the first things to go.  It’s nice to see all the finches flying around.  I’m anxious for spring to see all the trees we have leaf out, green up, and brighten everything up.

We live at the end of a road. People apparently drive around and turn at the point when they get to our house.  We’ve actually had people stop and tell us how nice everything is looking.  We realized others in the area are watching every step we make. The property previously hadn’t been utilized at all.  Nothing had been updated.  No garden (can you even imagine!). They had horses and a goat but the set up was far less than adequate in my opinion.  Then again, we’re more likely to go overboard on spoiling our animals than some folks so my previous statement probably would be fine for some people.

As we get closer to finishing the animal pasture, we visually look ahead to planting season.  I’d better get stocked up on canning jars and freezer bags. A new commercial vacuum sealer may not be out of the question either, since the old one is showing signs of inefficiency.

We’re constantly working on the property, which will never end. I love to look ahead and visualize what it will be. I learned from my parents how to take the diamond in the rough and turn it into an amazing property. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to use those skills now. As much as I love to dream about tomorrow, I am where I want to be at this moment, so I never want to lose out on enjoying today. This late bloomer country girl is where she’s always wanted to be.



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