Achy Smiles

fence-building-2017 The weekend was very productive and while the end product is looking good, I smile through achy bones.  Saturday morning my husband and I got up and went right to work.  We had holes augured for the fence which certainly saved a lot of work.  But we still had to go to each hole with a post hole digger to get out all the dirt, measure for the correct depth, and dig out a little more or put back a little dirt with each hole.  Ed and I set 52 holes by ourselves that day, as well as putting in the quikrete and adding water for it to set overnight.  Throughout the day, while temperatures were in the high 40’s until later afternoon, we dealt with the wind.  As we grew closer to finishing up the final posts, dark clouds, heavier winds, and cooler temperatures reminded us very clearly that it’s only February.  Nevertheless, we triumphed and finished it up.

Sunday morning my brother-in-law and youngest son came over to help layout and “stretch” the welded wire and staple it to the posts (and a little grandma time with two of my grandsons who helped me ride the tractor and do some chores).   The top and bottom trim pieces will be put on over the next couple days, thanks to Ed. This weekend I’ll go around and stain all of the boards to give it a nice finished look.

We look at the fence and are amazed how truly good it looks even though it’s not quite done.  At this stage, we’re able to clearly picture the end result and are pleased with the decision on the type of fence we have.  This fence, located in our east pasture, will securely house our miniature horses and miniature fainting goats.  We will at least get the horses this year.  Time and money will dictate the timing on the arrival of the goats.  Until then, it makes for an amazing large exercise run for our German Shorthairs so they can get a break from their usual dog run and stretch their legs a lot more.

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