Coming to Life


Colorado weather was very cooperative this past weekend, allowing for some productivity around the homestead.  The 3-stall barn, of which the smaller one has been converted for chickens, looks great!  The dirt floor is evened out, new nesting boxes are built, and the roost is ready too.  Standing at the doorway of the stall, it looks so much better than it did when we first saw it.  Hard work is paying off.  A door will be framed in to allow us to close up the chickens, yet allow me to easily walk in for cleaning and egg gathering.  There will be a small pass through so the chickens can go in and out during the day.  We’ll close it up at night of course to keep the predators away.  Once the paneled fence is up, I’ll be ready for chicks!  Very excited.

There had never been a garden on the property either. So Ed got the tractor and attached the tiller.  I walked out the area I want the garden and he went to town making the first till into the earth.  I was very happy to see the dark soil.  I’ll get some good fertilizer for it and Ed will turn it in to the soil before planting time.  It was very exciting to see the actual layout of the garden.  The question becomes, do we need to put a fence around it?  If there are rabbits, we’ll need one.  But we have seen a couple foxes around so wonder if it’s needed.  Before that goes in though, we’ve got to finish the chicken run, and redo the east pasture where my miniature horses (and possibly a couple miniature goats) will be.  Some minor modifications are needed to the inside stalls, but not to the extent the chickens needed.

The property is slowly coming to life after many years of having a blank canvas. It feels good that we are the artists and can watch this real-life painting come to life.

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