Dust in the Wind

After trying to get over this cold virus that is going around (and doesn’t seem to go away), I finally got out on the tractor to mow the west pasture.  My husband hooked up the mower for me.  I haven’t really figured out how to take the implements off and on by myself yet.  I mowed the west pasture and bounced around on the tractor.  Even though the temperature was only in the 50’s, it felt so nice and warm after all the cold, frigid temperatures we’ve had this winter.  Before I got done with it though, the wind started up blowing all kinds of dust from the dry grass around.  By the time I got done with the mowing, I could feel it all in my head building up all over again.  Before we called it good for the day though, Ed got dirt from a high point in the backyard area and put in in front of each stall of the barn.  The floor was really unlevel with lots of low spots.  So I shoveled and raked the dirt around to even it out.  Now it’s all ready for him to build my chicken nesting boxes and roosts (I was calling them perches but my mother was quick to correct me with the proper lingo, saying I’ll get it all down in no time).  It will be on one end section that is separate from the rest of the barn and horses.  The other section of the barn is ready for my miniature horse set up to begin.  First chickens though, since chicks will be coming along in the next six weeks.  Then the set up for horses can begin. Note to self as we move forward though – wear a dust mask until I’m sure I’m over this virus; maybe more often if it’s the field or barn dust that gets in my head.

Tw of the three bird houses are still empty with no birds yet.  I put a little grass and alfalfa in them to help get it started for the little ones.  The third one is already bustling with little birds flying in and out.  The two bird feeders I have out there though are getting used.  I refilled those yesterday too so they can stay in the habit of coming back.  I put a little bird bath out there too.  It will be nice and relaxing at the end of the day to sit on the porch and watch them.  I don’t know my little bird breeds so that is possibly something I can learn about.  In the meantime though, I’m just happy watching them flutter around.

Little by little things are getting set up and ready for the busy warm weather.  Still early in the year which I’m actually happy about since it gives us time to get all these clean up and set up projects finished.  It all ties in to the overall dream I’ve had for a long time to have this little piece of country heaven.

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