January Dreams

Normally I take each season as it comes, not trying to rush life along.  This year however, I am admittedly very excited to move right on in to spring!  I dream of a garden, an orchard, chickens, and miniature horses nonstop.  I dream of flowers along a fence line to give the place color and working the property from what it is now into what it can be.

For now, the constant cold keeps the ground frozen making it hard to do much of anything.  I did however get birdhouses and feeders put around the front area.  My husband helped  me get the double shepherds hooks in the hard ground so the birds can become accustomed to shelter and food on the property, drawing in some beauty for front porch enjoyment.  I bought a bulk bag of bird feed.  My parents, who have the opinion that all the birds in Wyoming now flock to their property for food, was sure to give me the solid advice to make sure I always keep food on hand for them.  Once they get used it being there, they’ll expect it!

My gardening magazines ought to start coming in soon too.  That will be fun getting that more detailed and planned out.  Thanks to Pinterest, I have ideas upon ideas that I will trial and error with.

For now the dreaming and planning will continue with new ideas popping up every day. My camera is anxious to catch some great photos as the place comes to life.  The excitement of that alone will keep me warm until it’s time to “spring” into action!


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