Little Red Tractor


Today, albeit very cold yet sunny, we spent cleaning up what the previous owners left behind.  My oldest son Matt came over and ran the tractor to help scrape out layers of manure to level out the ground near the barn.

Then, where bushes were taken out, he helped level that all out too and filled the front loader again and again and put it all into a burn pile (something we’ll do another day).  This part is all in preparation for Ed’s shop that will be put in come spring.

After that, as if that wasn’t enough, he helped take apart and move some metal panels that was over some vent pipes.  They were rusted through and looked terrible making the pasture look run down (which at the moment it is).  Using the tractor’s front loader, and a logging chain, he and Ed got the two folded panels hooked up, then we walked with it to keep it from swinging and got it put behind the outbuilding.  Anyone need some old panels for free?

As if that weren’t enough, Matt showed us how to hook up the tiller and the bush hog for it too. It seemed pretty complicated with multiple steps to me.  He said once we do it a few times though, it will all come together.  Luckily we’ll use the tiller in the spring before the garden gets put in to turn the soil and fertilize as needed and again in the fall once everything’s harvested. After that the mower/bush hog will be the only other implement we use.

We love our home and property and very quickly it’s become apparent that using the little red tractor will become a part of our every day life.

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