2017 – Just getting started

Welcome to my blog!  My name is Tina.  I’ve always dreamed of having property where I could have a garden, an orchard, and animals.  Now I still work full-time so I’ll ease into it – or I tell myself that now.  Once I get my mind set on something, I’m full steam ahead.  I always make time for whatever is needing my attention.

My husband and I bought a log-sided home on just shy of 3 acres in Northern Colorado in December 2016. Property around here is at a premium so we are very fortunate to now own a small piece of it.  My husband will build his dream shop and I will live my country-girl lifestyle with a garden, orchard, miniature horses, and chickens – to start with.

The small barn needs work before I get the horses and the ground is frozen with nights where it’s reached 29 below! But I’m still out there cleaning up what the previous owners left behind.  And I bought a new tractor!  It’s not a big one, but I sure love driving my shiny red Massey Ferguson.  It’s got a front loader on it so it makes for easier work loading up the old straw and mess.  My animals will have a clean home to come to!

Walk with me as I update you on my trials and tribulations of living in the country as a woman of almost 54 years old.  As spring gets closer, it’s going to get a whole lot busier around here!

3 thoughts on “2017 – Just getting started

  1. I’m so excited to follow your new adventure , my friend. Yes, you will find the time to do everything you want to do! Take it from a “born and raised farmgirl” who will also be moving back to the country in a few months. New home almost ready.


  2. Tina, this is so exciting! Thanks for letting us in on your dreams. Hoping spring hurries up and gets here so you can get started. I thank the Lord for this beautiful land…from your little piece in Colorado to my little piece in Kansas!


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