Dust in the Wind

After trying to get over this cold virus that is going around (and doesn’t seem to go away), I finally got out on the tractor to mow the west pasture.  My husband hooked up the mower for me.  I haven’t really figured out how to take the implements off and on by myself yet.  I mowed the west pasture and bounced around on the tractor.  Even though the temperature was only in the 50’s, it felt so nice and warm after all the cold, frigid temperatures we’ve had this winter.  Before I got done with it though, the wind started up blowing all kinds of dust from the dry grass around.  By the time I got done with the mowing, I could feel it all in my head building up all over again.  Before we called it good for the day though, Ed got dirt from a high point in the backyard area and put in in front of each stall of the barn.  The floor was really unlevel with lots of low spots.  So I shoveled and raked the dirt around to even it out.  Now it’s all ready for him to build my chicken nesting boxes and roosts (I was calling them perches but my mother was quick to correct me with the proper lingo, saying I’ll get it all down in no time).  It will be on one end section that is separate from the rest of the barn and horses.  The other section of the barn is ready for my miniature horse set up to begin.  First chickens though, since chicks will be coming along in the next six weeks.  Then the set up for horses can begin. Note to self as we move forward though – wear a dust mask until I’m sure I’m over this virus; maybe more often if it’s the field or barn dust that gets in my head.

Tw of the three bird houses are still empty with no birds yet.  I put a little grass and alfalfa in them to help get it started for the little ones.  The third one is already bustling with little birds flying in and out.  The two bird feeders I have out there though are getting used.  I refilled those yesterday too so they can stay in the habit of coming back.  I put a little bird bath out there too.  It will be nice and relaxing at the end of the day to sit on the porch and watch them.  I don’t know my little bird breeds so that is possibly something I can learn about.  In the meantime though, I’m just happy watching them flutter around.

Little by little things are getting set up and ready for the busy warm weather.  Still early in the year which I’m actually happy about since it gives us time to get all these clean up and set up projects finished.  It all ties in to the overall dream I’ve had for a long time to have this little piece of country heaven.

January Dreams

Normally I take each season as it comes, not trying to rush life along.  This year however, I am admittedly very excited to move right on in to spring!  I dream of a garden, an orchard, chickens, and miniature horses nonstop.  I dream of flowers along a fence line to give the place color and working the property from what it is now into what it can be.

For now, the constant cold keeps the ground frozen making it hard to do much of anything.  I did however get birdhouses and feeders put around the front area.  My husband helped  me get the double shepherds hooks in the hard ground so the birds can become accustomed to shelter and food on the property, drawing in some beauty for front porch enjoyment.  I bought a bulk bag of bird feed.  My parents, who have the opinion that all the birds in Wyoming now flock to their property for food, was sure to give me the solid advice to make sure I always keep food on hand for them.  Once they get used it being there, they’ll expect it!

My gardening magazines ought to start coming in soon too.  That will be fun getting that more detailed and planned out.  Thanks to Pinterest, I have ideas upon ideas that I will trial and error with.

For now the dreaming and planning will continue with new ideas popping up every day. My camera is anxious to catch some great photos as the place comes to life.  The excitement of that alone will keep me warm until it’s time to “spring” into action!


Little Red Tractor


Today, albeit very cold yet sunny, we spent cleaning up what the previous owners left behind.  My oldest son Matt came over and ran the tractor to help scrape out layers of manure to level out the ground near the barn.

Then, where bushes were taken out, he helped level that all out too and filled the front loader again and again and put it all into a burn pile (something we’ll do another day).  This part is all in preparation for Ed’s shop that will be put in come spring.

After that, as if that wasn’t enough, he helped take apart and move some metal panels that was over some vent pipes.  They were rusted through and looked terrible making the pasture look run down (which at the moment it is).  Using the tractor’s front loader, and a logging chain, he and Ed got the two folded panels hooked up, then we walked with it to keep it from swinging and got it put behind the outbuilding.  Anyone need some old panels for free?

As if that weren’t enough, Matt showed us how to hook up the tiller and the bush hog for it too. It seemed pretty complicated with multiple steps to me.  He said once we do it a few times though, it will all come together.  Luckily we’ll use the tiller in the spring before the garden gets put in to turn the soil and fertilize as needed and again in the fall once everything’s harvested. After that the mower/bush hog will be the only other implement we use.

We love our home and property and very quickly it’s become apparent that using the little red tractor will become a part of our every day life.

2017 – Just getting started

Welcome to my blog!  My name is Tina.  I’ve always dreamed of having property where I could have a garden, an orchard, and animals.  Now I still work full-time so I’ll ease into it – or I tell myself that now.  Once I get my mind set on something, I’m full steam ahead.  I always make time for whatever is needing my attention.

My husband and I bought a log-sided home on just shy of 3 acres in Northern Colorado in December 2016. Property around here is at a premium so we are very fortunate to now own a small piece of it.  My husband will build his dream shop and I will live my country-girl lifestyle with a garden, orchard, miniature horses, and chickens – to start with.

The small barn needs work before I get the horses and the ground is frozen with nights where it’s reached 29 below! But I’m still out there cleaning up what the previous owners left behind.  And I bought a new tractor!  It’s not a big one, but I sure love driving my shiny red Massey Ferguson.  It’s got a front loader on it so it makes for easier work loading up the old straw and mess.  My animals will have a clean home to come to!

Walk with me as I update you on my trials and tribulations of living in the country as a woman of almost 54 years old.  As spring gets closer, it’s going to get a whole lot busier around here!